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It seems that the letters GDPR are everywhere you look these days. I get a lot of stuff telling me I have only a limited time to become GDPR compliant. I have read a lot on the ICO website, listened to lots of webinars on the subject and ended up totally confused!

At first I was frightened. It seemed such a massive thing for a company such as Nursery Online. Would we be able to continue functioning? Then I sort-of got my head round it. Aaa-ha! I thought. This is what we need to do. Fairly straightforward.

But now I'm beginning to realise that not everyone agrees! I looked at my Inbox this morning - and not one of those companies sending me emails has asked for my permission! My bank has simply said - by the way, we'll continue emailing you unless you object! Another financial institution simply said they'd updated their Privacy statement - all ten pages of it!

I don't know about you, but I get so much stuff emailed to me. I get a regular one from China asking me for orders, a whole load of offers to sort out our website, and loads on how to sell online (I signed up for one - how come I now get three or four each day?). Thank goodness the pornographic ones seem to be quite rare these days. Of course, it doesn't help that I need to publicise my email address so anyone can get hold of it.

Wading through all this lot takes time, and I do sometimes (often) get irritated. I've taken to unsubscribing from much of the rubbish but the worst ones have no such option. Important emails can so easily get missed.

I can quite see that many of you in the same position can become equally annoyed - if not more so. Maybe these Regulations will cut back on the stuff we don't want, but I'm not holding my breath!

If you really don't want Nursery Online, then please do click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email (or even here)

However, I do hope you find it useful and our hard work isn't a waste of time. If so, just click on ‘update your preferences’ on the email and tick the box. Then I'll know I'm sending it to the people who care about our industry and who are serious about their business.

- Cathy

PS: Spotlights! To remind you, every fortnight we take a product area and tell you about some of the products in that category. So we can send you the newsletters for free, we cover our costs by making the entries in Spotlights advertorials. I know things are tough out there, but each advertorial is only a trivial amount compared to print advertising and we know they get read! So please continue to support us – and, more importantly, use them to make sure everyone knows about the products you sell!

Our next Spotlight is on Bottle Feeding – and everything that goes with it. There has been significant innovation in sterilisers in particular and a number of new entrants to the market. Can you be sure the buyers know about your products? Copydate for advertorials is this Monday - the14th.

We continue feeding with our next Spotlight which covers all the things needed when weaning baby. From highchairs to spoons, there is so much out there, it’s easy to miss essentials. Copy by 28th please.

And advance notice for the two Spotlights in June – Rain & Wet Weather Protectors (just in time for summer!!) and Slings & Carriers. Copy by 11th and 25th respectively.

As usual, contact Lyn for further information - 01304 374169 or 07971 700979 or email on

Bedding protection from Hippychick

Hippychick’s waterproof bedding protection range is high quality and discreet – they really do have to be felt to be believed.

They take a much needed, but also much maligned product and transform it into comfortable, soft, undetectable piece of bedding that is breathable.

Absorbent and waterproof, they are a great natural alternative to sweaty plastic under sheets. The undetectable layer of polyurethane that makes these bedding protectors waterproof also acts as an anti-allergy barrier, protecting against dust mites – a major cause of increasingly common conditions asthma and hayfever.

Available in both brushed cotton and Tencel fabric, in fitted and flat sheet styles – it is difficult to see how something that feels so luxurious can be so practical. Tencel is made from sustainably sourced naturally hygienic wood cellulose fibres, its natural waterproof and absorption properties draw moisture away to keep you cool at night, whilst inhibiting bacteria, mould and mites. Their cotton protectors are soft to the touch, naturally absorbent and breathable without negotiating on their practicality.

For more information contact Hippychick on 01278 434440

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Cybex to showcase latest baby offering at NEC’s Baby Show

Cybex is getting ready to showcase a new range of products at the UK’s leading parenting event, The Baby Show, at the NEC Birmingham from Friday 18th May to Sunday 20th May.

With Cybex exhibiting at the show for the first time, parents will have the chance to explore its range of luxurious baby products on Stand E70.

Parents will have the chance to enjoy a fashion show on the Baby Show stage, which will showcase the latest pushchairs and car seats across its fashion collections, including the new Jeremy Scott Cherubs, Space Rocket by Anna K and Koi Crystallized, which have been inspired by renowned designers and the latest fashion runway trends. Mums and dads will also have the chance to enjoy a Cybex sponsored special live screening of the Royal Wedding where Harry and Megan tie the knot.

Cybex will be also showcasing the brand new 4-in-1 seating system, Lemo, which forms part of its growth into homeware.

Inspired by classic design, with clean, minimalist lines to give a modern twist, the Lemo offers a convenient solution that will take a child from their first stage of feeding through to toddler, childhood and beyond for the whole family. A timeless piece of iconic furniture, the Lemo is designed for a child’s life and a parents’ lifestyle.

For parents looking for a car seat, Cybex takes safety to new heights and will be exhibiting its range of Platinum and Gold car seats, including the Sirona S i-Size, which has been designed with exceptional safety features to give parents peace of mind.

Its range of luxurious pushchairs including the Priam and Mios, and its city-friendly travel systems and compact pushchairs including the Balios S and Eezy S will also be on show.

Luke Burns, UK GM at Cybex, said: “At Cybex, we've made it our mission to push the limits of what is possible in the design of car seats, pushchairs, baby carriers, pushchairs and furniture. Our aim is to meet the challenge of everyday life with stylish and elegant products that are not only safe but adapt perfectly to urban lifestyles, for modern and style conscious mums and dads.

“This year, we have gone one step further and have our own booth to exhibit a new range of exciting products which combine unique design, unsurpassed safety and intelligent functionality. We’re looking forward to meeting mums and dads at this year’s Baby Show where they can test and try out our range of products.”

For more information or to buy tickets, please visit:

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Slow down and snuggle up! BABYBJÖRN introduces the new Baby Carrier Mini

BabyBjörn, the Swedish family-owned company, is launching a new, dreamy, soft, small and flexible baby carrier for those first months of parenthood.

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini is all about preserving the precious early days as parents are getting to know their newborn.

“The campaign Slow down. Snuggle up. is about living in the moment and letting your newborn baby set the pace, so you have time and peace to establish your parent-baby bond. The Baby Carrier Mini's focus is on simplicity, so you can focus on your baby" says Karin Hoxter, Art Director, BabyBjörn Sweden.

Designed to fit the needs of a newborn baby, the simple design is easy to put on, even in the middle of the night, and the new luxurious, tactile fabrics are gentle on a newborn’s delicate skin. Parents can feel their baby is being carried in a natural position, with their back in a gentle c-curve. The entire front section of the carrier opens for parents to put down their sleeping baby, and there is no fabric between the baby and their parent's chest, so ideal for skin-to-skin contact too.

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini is available in:

  • Soft-touch, flexible 3D Jersey (RRP: £79.99): Light Grey, Dark Grey
  • Breathable, cool 3D Mesh (RRP: £84.99): Greige, Anthracite.
  • High quality, BCI Cotton Satin (RRP: 74.99): Dusty Pink, Vintage Indigo, Black

The materials used are designed and made exclusively for BabyBjörn and are certified for use in baby products in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1, which guarantees that they do not contain any health-hazardous or allergenic substances.

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Muslinz shows off its star quality with new spring/ summer range

Baby accessories specialist MerryGoRoundUK has launched a brand new Muslinz Mint Green muslin square and Muslinz Star muslin square as part of its Spring/Summer collection.

The mixed packs of super-soft, 100 per cent cotton, 70cm muslins will include a plain mint green muslin square, a plain white muslin square and a white muslin with mint and soft grey spots. The new colour range will also be available in the 100 per cent cotton bandana style dribble bibs and larger swaddle wraps.

The gorgeous mint and grey colour combination will also be reflected in the newest print to hit Muslinz’ muslin squares, the much-requested stunning Star design. The Muslinz Star muslin square is a trendy addition to the Muslinz range and perfectly complements the many star nursery and changing ranges on the market today.

Caroline Taylor, managing director from MerryGoRoundUK, said: “The new Muslinz mint-coloured muslin square is a very accessible colour and is perfect for both boys or girls so works very well as a pre-birth gift if the gender isn’t known or hasn’t yet been announced.

“The new Star print can also be perfectly co-ordinated this Spring and Summer. At Muslinz, we always like to be at the forefront of nursery trends and these are only the first of our new collection which we will launching over the Summer and in the later half of 2018.”

For more information please contact SCS Marketing & PR on 01252 621293 or email

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Shnuggle teams up with Moment Health to tackle maternal mental health

In this Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, Moment Health and Shnuggle founders, Nuala Murphy and Sinead Murphy have come together to promote the #CheckYourSymptoms campaign.

The campaign is designed to encourage new mums to download the Moment Health app to check their maternal mental health and seek necessary help.

Tech entrepreneur Nuala Murphy, CEO and Founder, Moment Health, said: “Some 70% of new mums aren’t aware they are suffering from maternal mental health and related issues so at Moment Health we are collaborating with international baby product manufacturer Shnuggle to promote our #CheckYourSymptoms campaign in order to spread the message of our app to mums to acknowledge they could be suffering and to speak up, seek help and ultimately save their life.

“This is a global issue. The world’s parents are suffering, and many are doing so in silence. And it doesn’t stop with the world’s parents. It ends up impacting children, the entire family unit, and, if left untreated, becomes an inter-generational legacy. And that’s why we have developed the #CheckYourSymptoms campaign so new and expectant parents can download the app and check their symptoms to prioritise their mental health at this crucial time and ultimately catch any issues early so they can be recognised and treated.”

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, but it can also bring anxieties and fears for a lot of new mums, mums-to-be and Dads. For Adam and Sinead Murphy who founded Shnuggle almost nine years ago, being first time parents with a seriously ill baby brought all of those anxieties and fears home. It was ultimately these challenges and experiences as new parents which became their motivation for Shnuggle and the company’s main purpose and vision to design products which make parenting easier and safer for growing families.

Sinead Murphy, Shnuggle founder, said: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Moment Health during Maternal Mental Health Week. With statistics showing that a large percentage of women and men continue to suffer from antenatal and post-natal depression or anxieties, it is so important that awareness of the issue continues to be a key focus.

Early intervention leads to an 80-90% chance of successful recovery. During Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week take a moment to #CheckYourSymptoms and download the free Moment Health app on iOS and Android.

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Infantino UK bolster its team with two strategic appointments

Infantino, the global brand behind smartly designed products for happy parents, is thrilled to announce two new appointments. Introducing Jerome Lomer as Senior National Account Manager and Nivi Bhide as Marketing Director, both joining the UK team this Spring.

Nivi brings with her a wealth of experience following more than a decade working with big toy brands Mattel and Fisher-Price. In her new role Nivi will be responsible for increasing awareness of the brands portfolio of award-winning products in Europe, working across both traditional and digital marketing platforms. Nivi’s core objective is to emulate the brands US success in the Baby, Infant and Preschool arena here in the UK, as well as in France and Germany.

Having worked within the toy industry at Manhattan Toys and Au Sycomore for over 13 years, Jerome joins Infantino raring to go. In his new role heading up sales in the UK, Jermone will be working closely with the US and European team and will be focussed on increasing market share with many retailers across the country.

Both Jerome and Nivi have a strong background within the infant toy industry. They are both excited to settle into their new roles at Infantino and eager to progress with a number of significant objectives for the year ahead. They will be an integral part of the team as they build brand presence across many UK retailers, both big and small, to help establish Infantino as a key brand within the European Toy market.

Commenting on joining the team Nivi said: "Infantino is dedicated to creating smartly designed products for happy parents, which is an ethos I can totally relate to. I want to make these amazing products available in UK, France and Germany so parents in Europe don’t miss out! I am looking forward to building Infantino as a key brand in Europe.”

Also sharing his excitement Jerome added: “I really am delighted to be working with a global leader within the toy market that is not only offering well designed products, but at the right price. I am also looking forward to working in a truly multi-cultural environment with our teams in Europe, the US and Hong Kong. With their help I hope to mirror the success here in the UK.”

Supporting families from morning until night, with play, feeding, travel and sleep, both Nivi and Jerome look forward to sharing the brands impressive range with parents and retailers alike.

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JMDA announce associate partnership with Italian company DGS Project

Innovative global design consultancy JMDA Design are pleased to announce their Associate Partnership with DGS Project in Italy, further strengthening their global CRS design services portfolio.

JMDA Design with their Head Office in Worcestershire, UK and a satellite office in Shanghai, China are a world leading consultancy for the design, development and compliance of Child Restraint Systems (C.R.S.). Boasting an impressive portfolio of practical juvenile products designed to keep babies and children free from harm, the recent Associate Partnership with DGS Project demonstrates their continued success in these diverse industries and further expands JMDA’s global design resource and engineering capability with a European partnership.

Derrick Barker, Managing and Creative Director at JMDA Design is pleased to welcome DGS Project and explains “Our team are delighted to be partnering with DGS Project, working in synergy and enhancing the already extensive knowledge of CRS compliance and manufacture. Besides specialist experience in the full design and development for manufacture of Child Restraints, the Italian team also have extensive knowledge and experience of the design of comfortable, lightweight and safe children’s bicycle seats.”

“Our strategic Associate Partnership with DGS Project will provide a solid platform from which further product design opportunities can be established and our stronghold within Europe will be enhanced. Having direct access to our own CRS Dynamic Testing Services will give our clients the ultimate simulation environment to test prototypes in cost effective way.”

With access to a dedicated test rig, JMDA-DGS Project will become the only European design consultancy with the ability to test CRS designs in house. Running multiple collision tests and checking designs meet the requirements of R44 before further investment will undoubtedly improve project efficiency and reduce costs associated with testing and validation.

Riccardo Sacchetto, Director at DGS Project in Italy explains, “Along with my colleagues Roberto Ghesini and Luca Dall’Aglio we look forward to working more closely with JMDA Design and collaborating our knowledge to give JMDA-DGS Project the edge in award- winning European design.” He adds, “Working in partnership together we can expand the services we offer clients to include ‘CRS Dynamic Testing Services’.”

For further details about JMDA, their partnership with Italian company DGS Project and the opportunities this Associate Partnership will provide, please call +44 (0) 1386 426100, alternatively email

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Snuza makes TV debut on The Wright Stuff

Snuza® HeroMD, the award-winning portable breathing monitor, made it’s TV debut on Friday when it was featured on C5’s The Wright Stuff as part of a Baby Tech round up.

Gadget Show presenter Georgie Barrat was on the show to talk about her top finds of tech products available for baby and the Snuza® HeroMD received a great reaction, being labelled as ‘really clever’ by Georgie. Snuza® HeroMD Portable Breathing Baby Monitor is a wearable device which attaches to baby's nappy and monitors abdominal rise and fall.

The multi award winning monitor detects the slightest of breaths and will alert parents if breathing is weak or less than eight breaths per minute. If no breathing is detected for 15 seconds, it will vibrate in an effort to rouse baby. After three vibration/rousing incidents, a ‘Rouse Warning’ will alert parents that breathing has stopped for 15 seconds on three occasions. If an additional 5 seconds of no breathing is detected a sharp audible alarm will sound.

For more information on Snuza, contact

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Sandsliders serve an ace

Winners of the 2018 Concept & Innovation Award – Sandsliders – have appointed bébélephant as their UK Distributor.

Sandsliders is the only accessory to slide a pram over sand, snow, pebbles and fields, with the Sandslider product attracting the interest of major retailers following a dream debut at Harrogate International Nursery Fair.

Commenting on the appointment, Lee Cowan of Sandsliders said: “Following a busy launch it became apparent that Sandsliders needed the to forge relationships with key established Distributors to guide and support the development and promotion of the Sandslider product and brand. Sandsliders Directors saw bébélephant in action at Harrogate and could not fail to be impressed by their professional approach to business and relationships with their clients and customers. Sandsliders look forward to developing a great working relationship.”

Managing Director of bébélephant, Elliot Bishop was equally positive. “This simple, yet effective product will be a hit this summer – on the beach and on the festival circuit where muddy fields cause issues for buggy pushing parents. We look forward to working with Sandsliders. As the guys’ day job is coaching tennis, I’m hoping to improve my backhand too!” said Elliot.

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Digital success for Bambino Mio

Bambino Mio, the UK’s most widely used reusable nappy brand, has been named as ‘Best Digital Business’ in the national FSB Awards.

As one of eleven regional finalists across the UK, this is a landmark achievement for Bambino Mio, with the company’s global digital success being recognised by prestigious organisations such as FSB (Federation of Small Businesses).

Over the past three years, Bambino Mio has experienced significant growth in the UK and in other export markets around the world such as Germany, France, Australia and the United States among others. The company is reaching more parents than ever before and are working closely with retail partners worldwide; through a range of national and independent retailers such as Aldi (United Kingdom, United States, Australia), ASDA (United Kingdom), dm-drogerie markt (Germany), REWE (Germany), Carrefour (Spain) and many more. Sales continue to grow and this growth has been in no small part to the company’s digital success.

With the recent expansion of their eCommerce website, the company’s digital strategy has gone from strength to strength. Bambino Mio’s branding and digital marketing vision has a key role to play in overall business objectives. By replicating their proven social, data-led digital marketing strategy across key markets around the world, it has allowed them to recruit new customers in these markets to this niche product category.

Such an increase in digital performance has created new jobs throughout the business, Bambino Mio have employed nationals from their key international markets in their offices in Northamptonshire to ensure the Brand is engaging with international customers at the right time with relevant content. The company’s digital marketing strategy continues to flourish having reached impressive metrics year on year – eCommerce sales have tripled in the last year and the Brand’s global social reach now exceeds 100,000 followers.

Marketing Manager at Bambino Mio, Joreen Singh, commented: “We’re delighted to be awarded Digital Business of the Year. Our digital strategy plays a vital role in overall business success and has been crucial to our rapid growth during the past three years.”

As well as continuing to develop products that are innovative, ethical and successful, Bambino Mio see the importance of digital growth for its retailers too. Bambino Mio work directly with its current partners to provide proactive digital support to ensure digital success around the world.

As millennial parents begin to avoid single-use plastic products and look for more environmentally friendly alternatives, Bambino Mio’s product range offers parents significant financial savings while using products with less chemicals. For over 20 years, Bambino Mio have been working hard to promote the benefits and use of reusable nappies and associated products.

Growing from humble beginnings in 1997 to become the world’s most accessible reusable nappy brand, Bambino Mio products are available in over 50 markets worldwide. At the heart of the business and its success are the same family values: to provide parents with alternatives that are better for baby, better for parents and better for the environment. Bambino Mio’s multi award-winning range includes reusable nappies, baby accessories, swim nappies and potty-training essentials.

To find out more information visit

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New kids store opens In London

More than just a toyshop, ÏDKIDS is an emporium for children and their parents. Opening at Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth, this month, the French export will bring a unique range of toys, games and beautiful clothes to the UK for the first time.

The store will offer three innovative brands, each with products designed in-house, for kids aged 0-12. Whether it is a new parent buying their first baby grow from Obaïbi, a grandparent buying a wooden puzzle from Oxybul, a child buying a soft toy or book, or parents buying clothes from the summer range from Okaïdi, ÏDKIDS products are chosen with same fundamental values: Original designs and great quality products that last.

ÏDKIDS act for kids, meaning they will only offer products that they believe are in the interest of children. Supporting the development, well-being and education of kids, everything they do starts with that premise.

All customers whether mature or young, whether browsing or shopping, will be welcomed into our stores. We will offer a contemporary and relevant shop for families, as well as excellent customer service. Our ambition is for ÏDKIDS to become a national retailer within the next five years, offering what customers want in a part of the retail industry that has not developed with the times. It is also our intention to offer ecommerce once the business is more established.

ÏDKIDS is part of French children’s conglomerate ÏDGROUP. The brand currently has a presence in 70 countries worldwide, each of the 1120 stores featuring a minimalist, contemporary feel and a beautiful range of clothes, toys and games.

ÏDKIDS Wandsworth opens on 17th May 2018 at 09:30. The UK franchise is owned by Bier Brothers Ltd. and is the first brand to be operated by the newly formed partnership between Philip Bier, former founder and MD of the UK Tiger stores, and Jacob Bier, lawyer and current deputy chairman of the global Tiger chain. Bier Brothers is set up to run multiple brands and are now in process of selecting more brands to bring to the UK.


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Halilit welcome Lyndsey Sample to the team

The pre-school specialists are delighted to announce the addition of Lyndsey Sample to their sales team.

“With the Toymaster show just around the corner, this is the perfect time to be enhancing the support we are offering to our loyal customer base,” comments Amy Wildman, National Account Manager.

“Lyndsey will be focussing on ensuring our current customers are aware of new developments within our core ranges and will be instrumental in establishing some of our newer ranges such as the delightful Rosa & Bo within the market. Bringing years of industry experience and strong customer relationships with many independent retailers, we’re thrilled to have Lyndsey joining the Halilit team at such an exciting time for the company.”

Lyndsey can be reached on or on 01254 872454 and will be with the team in the Ballroom at the upcoming Toymaster show.

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We've moved!

In order to fit in our ever growing team, Fundamentally Children HQ has shifted premises. So time to update address books!

Fundamentally Children can now be found at:

Albany Chambers,
26 Bridge Road East,
Welwyn Garden City,

This is the new address all product submissions for the Good Toy Guide, Good App Guide and Fundamentally Children Endorsed should now be sent to.

Go to the Top   |   Return to Main Page steaming ahead is growing fast! With frequent posts on social media and regular newsletters, is reaching more and more parents each month.

In May, we are looking at travel, using #travelwithkids articles. Surviving the Airport, Baby Travel Check List and Weekend Away Kit are current. In June, our social posts will be based around getting holiday ready for both baby and parents.

We are also picking up and posting on trends like Weaning Week, and Real Nappy Week which had us engaging with over 4,000 parents in just two weeks. With Sun Safety Week coming up in May and Child Safety month in June there are lots of opportunities to get involved.

The guide to Buying Car Seats is nearly ready for publication - there is just enough time for you to check with Cathy ( that your products are included. There is limited amount of space left for advertising - but we can squeeze in a few more ads!! Contact for more information.

Get in touch to see how we can work together.

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