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Kind + Jugend 2019 presents Start-up Area for the first time

For the first time, Kind + Jugend is offering young, international, up-and-coming companies the opportunity to present themselves in the context of a Start-up Area.

The Start-up Area is already fully booked with 16 providers. No wonder, because the opportunity to exhibit at the world's leading trade fair for the baby and toddler outfitting industry at favourable conditions can be an important building block for success, especially for a young company. In total, over 1,200 companies from around 50 countries will be exhibiting at Kind + Jugend from 19 to 22 September 2019.

The 16 start-ups come from six countries, from Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands.

The prerequisites for participation in the Start-up Area are that a company may not have existed for more than ten years and not yet have participated in Kind + Jugend as an exhibitor. Of course, it must be possible to assign the products shown to the exhibition segments of the trade fair. A look at the diverse assortment of the 16 participants in the Start-up Area shows: these offerings are exceptionally well-suited to the theme worlds of Kind + Jugend.

The 16 participants in the Start-up Area at Kind + Jugend:

  • Baby Bello, Netherlands
  • bada&bou, Germany
  • Buderum Bucket Company, Australia
  • By Alexandra Fabric Creations, Netherlands
  • Cosinuss GmbH, Germany
  • Fedde&Kees, Netherlands
  • Gorfion GmbH, Germany
  • Harmonianat srl, Italy
  • jaboo GmbH, Germany
  • Kiddo / Ava Inc., France
  • Litogami SAS, France
  • MOBINOV sarl, France
  • Rookie Berlin GmbH, Germany
  • Savvybaby Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Sunday Morning Factory Inc., Japan
  • ZAUNKÖNIG, Germany

Going to Kind+Jugend?

It’s only a few weeks before Kind+Jugend opens its doors in Koln. Before then, Nursery Online will be showering you with information about the Fair and who will be exhibiting.

With such a big show, it is difficult to know which exhibitors are worth the investment of your time. There are many new companies looking for buyers and distributors, it can be difficult to know where to start!

So, the first two weeks of September will be K+J Time with lots of news heading your way. We will try to keep them short and to the point so you can easily see if that company is of interest. Look out for our newsletters and relish the information to make your visit to Kind+Jugend easier and more productive!

And if you’re exhibiting, why not take advantage of our extensive database and send out an email of your own? Contact for prices and more information.

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Attend The ABC Fall 2019 Expo

For over 16 years, All Baby and Child Corp. (ABC) has been proud to produce the juvenile industry's leading exclusive events that connect buyers and manufacturers for all things juvenile related.

The ABC Kids Expo, which is a private trade show that brings retailers/buyers and 500+ exhibitors/manufacturers together, is returning to the Las Vegas Convention Center from October 23-25, 2019.

ABC KIDS EXPO is your opportunity to meet face-to-face with domestic and international Exhibitors. Witness the "Power of Partnership" and develop long-lasting and profitable relationships at the 2019 ABC Kids Expo.

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering the ABC Invention Connection at the 2019 ABC Kids Expo. This is the place where Exhibitors will showcase concepts and prototypes. Be sure to check out the latest ideas and concepts in the world of juvenile products.

We will be implementing a brand new floor layout design consolidating all exhibitors onto one floor. From baby gear and apparel to toy, gift, and maternity - you will find everything you're looking for and more at ABC Kids Expo.

Register here now!

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UK Market Entry Consultancy – use SELLING SOLUTIONS UK

Paul Sirett runs SELLING SOLUTIONS offering quality, experienced and flexible support for brands looking to launch in the UK and Ireland Nursery and Toy market.

The UK & Ireland markets are complex with a unique mix of retailer types, competitor brands and a challenging consumer and economy.

Bringing 20 years’ of experience from brands like Mamas & Papas, BeSafe, Lego and Brio, Paul and his network of Associates can support you with the launch planning and implementation in the stores across Sales, Marketing and local logistics.

Paul and the SELLING SOLUTIONS Associates will be at Kind+Jugend, Cologne so please call or email to arrange an informal discussion to explore opportunities. To discuss your project call 07810 541 149, email or visit

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Buggysnuggle™ –a new chapter of love for an adored family brand in its 21st year

Many parenting brands have a story of personal experience. For one mum, her story has seen over 20 years of passion, dedication and love for a brand she developed when her kids were small.

She felt so strongly about her ‘baby’ she wanted to hand it to another parent who would love it as much as she does, for its next chapter.

Buggysnuggle™, is a British brand formed in 1998 by mum Sarah Wickins, when she identified the need for a soft ‘cosy-toes’ type product when she was a parent to small children herself. The first of its kind, Buggysnuggle™ started from an idea at a baby show to a dining room business run by Sarah and her friend Jo, to a small factory in Salisbury, where it grew quickly to supply retailers such as John Lewis. Many awards, new designs and product improvements later, and always sticking to their philosophy of producing ‘snuggly stuff’, Sarah felt it was time for something new, and began her search for another parent to write the next chapter for the brand.

Lia Murrain, who had been in the nursery goods industry for many years and is currently a distributor of many award-winning baby brands to many retailers, always had a special love for the Buggysnuggle™ brand and even retailed it 17 years ago herself. After her first daughter was born, 7 years ago, she became a Buggysnuggle™ mum herself and always smiled when she was stopped in the street (globally!) to be asked what that snuggly footmuff her daughter was in was called. When her friends and family would tease her for her love of this brand and ask her why she wouldn’t create something similar she would always reply she didn’t want something similar- she wanted to own the Buggysnuggle™ brand one day.

Fast forward several years later, when Lia heard that Sarah was looking for a new owner she got in touch, without hesitation, knowing that she wanted to take Buggysnuggle™ to its next phase. It seemed like the perfect story…to pass the reins from one mum to another and from one family to another. Now celebrating its 21st year, Sarah has now sold the company to Lia, who takes over the next stage of the company development as the new owner with immediate effect.

Lia comments, “After personally admiring this beautiful British brand for over 17 years, I am over the moon to officially take on the reins as the new owner of this much-loved brand; by not only British parents, but by many around the world. I couldn’t be happier at the opportunity and I thank the lovely Sarah Wickins in trusting me with her baby. She has done an incredible job over the past 20 years and I take my hat off to her. I hope to continue to spread the love (and the warmth) of the Buggysnuggle™ brand for many years to come.”

Sarah comments, “It was quite emotional going through the process and I cried on the day the contract was signed! Buggysnuggle™ had enabled both myself and Jo to be working mums with a pretty good work-life balance, to be successful and independent and create an iconic product recognised by parents! Who knows what the future holds for Lia but I'm looking forward to watching the next 10 years of "snuggly development" from a distance!”

Lia is well placed as a mum and award-winning entrepreneur, and with her experience in the baby market, to take the brand to its next stage. Even her two daughters are so excited, they are drawing designs! Watch this space for more “snuggly stuff” to come with new designs and products planned for late 2019 and beyond.

For more information contact Register your interest in becoming a stockist, and we will offer you 10% off your first order.

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Trend Lab LLC Expands their Sammy and Lou brand with four new trend-influenced value-priced crib bedding collections

Trend Lab, LLC is excited to announce the addition of four new crib bedding collections in their Sammy and Lou value brand, available for immediate delivery!

Sammy and Lou crib bedding sets are trend-influenced and value-priced and feature popular whimsical nursery themes. New sets include Cottontail Cloud with an adorable bunny floating on clouds, Simply Floral watercolor floral wreath in pink and navy, a trio of Dinosaur Pals, and our Farmstead Friends in the barnyard.

Each four-piece crib bedding set includes a quilt, fitted crib sheet, crib skirt and plush toy. Additional new collections will follow shortly.

For additional information on the line, please contact Trend Lab email or visit

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Shnuggle launch innovative nightlight for night feeding and beyond

Light up every step with Shnuggle Moonlight, the brand-new sleep friendly portable nightlight, available from August.

Dual Parent and Child modes provide a comforting light from those newborn night feeds to a soothing bedside light for a child as they grow. Portable and lightweight, Moonlight features a handy strap to easily carry around the home, a clever temperature sensing dock to help ensure the ideal room temperature and a sleep friendly soft glow, with low blue light levels to help promote a more restful sleep.

In Parent Mode, Moonlight offers a choice of three perfectly soft, baby-safe brightness glows to feed, comfort and change baby through the night, anywhere in the home. A little nudge will activate Moonlight at the lowest brightness setting when baby wakens. Simply select from three brightness levels to find the perfect light, creating a calming environment for which reduces stimulation and helps to promote sleep for baby. The clever room temperature sensing dock ensures the room is kept at a safe temperature for baby.

As baby grows, switch to Child Mode and Moonlight becomes the perfect night-time companion. A soothing bedside light to help promote sleep and a comforting light during little one's late night bathroom trips. Just like in Parent Mode, a simple nudge will activate the light which glows at full brightness for twenty minutes before eventually fading to simulate sunset and providing a soft glow through the night. The soft glow and low blue light levels help to promote sleep and reduce light stimulation helping a child have a more restful night's sleep.

Moonlight is priced at RRP £29.95

For further information, please contact for UK Trade and for Export sales.

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Looking at Spain and Portugal?

Since 2005, Tallytate works as an exclusive and premium distributor in Spain and Portugal for nursery brands which offer quality, safety and design.

Our products have been carefully selected exclusively for our customers. We are continuously looking for brands that make life easier, happier and helps parents with their babies. Our brands include ClevaMama, Sleepyhead, Shnuggle, Silly Billyz Scrunch and several others. This could include your brand!

We are proud to be the supplier of innovative solutions, and naturally, we put all our efforts to offer a professional service and at the same time stay close to our customers.

For more information, contact Maitane on or see

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Love travel! With the Silver Cross Jet

Practical, chic and the travel stroller parents won't want to board a plane without!

The compact and ultralight travel-friendly Jet from Silver Cross at just 5.9kg folds so small it can be carried on board an aircraft as cabin baggage.

Suitable from birth with its soft padded lie-flat seat, multi-position recline, UPF50+ hood, and with the option of using with a Silver Cross car seat, this is the 'must have' pram that will make travel with little passengers so easy!

Love travel - with Silver Cross Jet!

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How technology is helping to fight the fakes

Today, if you can buy it, you can probably fake it too. From baby bottles to nappies, shampoos to teethers, car seats to prams, the counterfeit problem is huge, and it’s not going away. But help is at hand!

Growing at an eye-watering 15% per year, by 2020, global counterfeit sales are estimated to reach over $1.82tn. Shopping habits have changed radically since the introduction of the Internet and a vast new market has emerged where counterfeiting flourishes under the radar and anonymously.

Whatever industry you’re in, your products are up for a faking. No brand gets to sit this out - and the nursery industry is feeling the fallout along with everyone else.

Protecting your brand means doing everything you can to stop the counterfeiters - and one effective way to do this is by embracing technology to do the work for you.

Using brand protection software gives you a good chance of detecting and removing counterfeits across the online environment. Something that usually takes days if done manually can be done in a matter of seconds. Online brand protection delivers the speed and accuracy that could mean the difference between falling foul of the fakes or stopping them in their tracks. By utilising tech to actively monitor the online marketplaces, you’re going to save a lot of time, money, and stress.

Counterfeiting doesn’t just affect your business; it affects your customers too because they rely on the quality and safety of your products.

Protecting your brand against counterfeiting must be at the heart of your business strategy, given as much focus, investment and time as the other critical elements.

With the use of innovative tools such as brand protection software, you’ll be taking the necessary steps to defend your customers, your brand, and your future. We think that’s priceless.

For help preventing your sales being damaged by conterfeiting contact Rachel Jones of Snapdragon on +44 131 466 9249 or email

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