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Venice Child to debut a trio of stunning new products in Las Vegas

Venice Child is launching three new stunning products that have all been designed and IP protected prior to their launch in the Modern Child section, South Hall Level 7238 at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas.

Venice Child has a mass following of customers that admires the company for its beautifully stylish products designed within earshot of the sound of the waves on Venice Beach in California.

The new ELK stroller is the family solution with the ability to carry either a single child or two children together with either seats or bassinette, or even car seats on a mix and match basis.

Venice Child are also launching the California Dreaming Crib and the Daydreamer portable crib playpen.

Beauty, quality and high-tech styling are Venice Child's signature looks, which social media buzzes non-stop with.

Innovative new stroller to launch at ABC Kids Expo

RSG Innovations, based in Birmingham UK, are launching an innovative, world-changing and unique stroller at ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas that micro folds and amazingly transforms in to several different independent products!

This revolutionary item is the new future in smart strollers for the next generation. It easily transforms from a full function, lie-back stroller to a true framed back carrier as well as a highchair...all without compromise!

RSG innovation are part of a motoring parts manufacturing group based in Birmingham UK supplying finished components to such companies as BMW, Jaguar, Nissan and Land Rover. Using their engineering expertise, they have designed and engineered in the UK this market-leading product set to alter the perception of what is possible and matching the multifunction technological world we inhabit .

Launching on the Invention Connection South Hall, Level 2-IC-07, RSG Innovations will be delighted to see you.

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Greetings from PopYum!

We are so excited to participate in this years ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas! We will be running continuous demos, displaying our new gift packs, and providing a sneak peak at our insulated stainless steel PopYum bottle.

If we haven't met, here is a little about us:

PopYum is a Mom and Pop company that was founded to create a bottle that makes feeding more natural and supports today’s active parenting lifestyle. PopYum baby bottles separately store water and powder formula in the bottle until hunger calls. Parents and caregivers no longer have to rush to make formula while baby cries—with a single hand, simply pop (press the bottle buttons), shake a few times, and yum! PopYum can also store breast milk in the bottle with absolutely no leaks—milk is completely sealed from the common leak points of the nipple and anti-colic vent. PopYum bottles reduce baby bag clutter and introduces less plastic into the environment by eliminating the need to carry extra water bottles, formula containers, and cooling packs.

We would love to meet and show you what PopYum is all about! Please stop by and visit us at booth 1419!

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Startup tackles stroller street safety

Safe BeeSide Me, LLC introduces the Stroller Controller™, a patent-pending safety innovation that easily attaches to single-handled traditional or jogging strollers to let parents walk in front of or next to their stroller, rather than behind it.

Stroller Controller rectifies the dangerous situation of having a child out front and low to the ground, vulnerable to traffic, while the adult pushing the stroller struggles to see oncoming vehicles. The Stroller Controller was developed after founder Sandra Perilli witnessed a near-accident in which a driver failed to notice a stroller being pushed out from between two cars until it was almost too late.

“I saw how vulnerable the baby was, and how hard it was for the parent to see oncoming traffic,” says Perilli. “I knew there had to be a safer way to cross streets, get through busy intersections, and move through crowded parking lots with a stroller, especially with so many distracted drivers on the road.”

The Stroller Controller extends and retracts smoothly and gives parents full steering control with one hand. An added benefit is the convenience of being able to open doors easily. When the trip is over, Stroller Controller collapses with the stroller; it can also be removed with the touch of a button if desired.

Visit Safe BeeSide Me and try out the Stroller Controller at the ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth 2231 October 09 to 11, 2018.

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LÍLLÉbaby unveils new baby carrier line

With a focus on creating innovative baby carrying solutions to fit every family's way of life, LÍLLÉbaby announced a new line of baby carriers with enhanced babywearing technology, that gives parents and babies the freedom to experience all of life's adventures together.

The Active Series is available in Active All Seasons and Active Pro, both of which were designed with LÍLLÉbaby's sleek signature style, functionality and comfort to complement the busy lives of parents today.

The Active All Seasons features the brand's popular All Seasons convertible, zip down mesh panel with a new durable water resistant shell material. The Active Pro features incredibly soft and extremely flexible fabric, and numerous extra-large storage pockets on the front of the carrier enabling mom and dad to leave the diaper bag behind. All carriers in the Active Series include: high quality performance materials,functional and ergonomic storage, cutting-edge comfort and support, and thoughtful and upgraded safety.

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Mom-Invented Product at ABC: UnbuckleMe

UnbuckleMe is the award-winning solution for parents and grandparents who struggle to unbuckle child car seats. We're on a mission to make travel in cars with kids EASY and SAFE for everyone.

UnbuckleMe was created when founder Becca Davison's elderly mother couldn't unbuckle Becca's daughter's car seat because of arthritis in her thumb. So Becca invented a tool to solve her problem.

Currently working with over 50 retail partners across the US & Canada, including buybuyBABY and Amazon, UnbuckleMe would love to meet everyone at ABC next month and show you how it works!

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The Plush at Douglas is Fantasy-tastic

Unicorns, Dragons and Mermaids, Oh My! Douglas’ line of Fantasy Favorites has recently added five new beauties. Fantasy animals come with all kinds of possibilities for exploring and pretending. Let the make believe begin with these latest introductions.

Midas the Dragon is a mighty 22.5" long. He stands majestic and regal in the hit gray fur with gold metallic flecks. His underbelly, hooves, snout and wings are a soft, smooth, brilliant gold metallic fabric that creates a true glimmer for him to outshine all other dragons.

Suki the Mini Unicorn is darling at 7" long. She is blush pink with a long brush-able mane and tail. Her hooves are soft gold metallic for an added touch of beauty.

Arabelle the Mermaid is precious at 9" long. She is the popular blush pink color. Her tail is textured with gold metallic and pink printed fins. Her long, blonde, brush-able hair is tied back in pink ribbons, and her gold crown is prominent on top of her head.

Kitty the Purrmaid is purr-fect at 6.5" long. A kitten turned mermaid, only at Douglas Company do such fantasies really come true! This adorable Purrmaid is gorgeous in shades of blue and turquoise. She has a long shimmering tail upon which the body of a white kitten is perched. Her silver crown is the final touch.

Misty the Narwhal at 15.5" long is the sweet unicorn of the sea. She is precious in pale pink with metallic gold accents. The color combination is all the rage in home décor and fashion. Her full body is sparkling with gold metallic spots to match her magnificent gold twisted horn.

Designed for ages 3 to 6, Douglas’ Fantasy Favorites will hit store shelves this month. For a proper introduction be sure to stop by the Douglas’ booth at all the fall shows.

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Dr. Dina Rose, creator of the Super Food Explorer System, will be appearing at the ABC Kids Expo

Dr. Dina Rose has been helping parents and families to make good food decisions even if they have a picky eater based on habits. She is going to take part of the ABC Kids Expo in the invention connection room held, as you know, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Health Innovator, Dr. Rose, created a kit to help children become more comfortable with new foods and eventually healthy foods

Forget nutrition education. Sensory education is the only proven method for eliminating picky eating. The Super Food Explorer System puts this proven sensory education research into practice.

There are plenty of products on the market designed to teach children about nutrition or to encourage kids to eat nutritious food. Nothing on the market, however, helps children bridge the fear factor. Nothing ignites children’s natural curiosity about food. Nothing teaches kids the skill of food exploration. Until now.

One of the items Dr. Rose has already been working on as part of her system is the Super Food Explorer Kit: Discover Food One Poke, Rattle, Sniff, Slurp at a Time.

The kit allows children to explore their food with ALL of their senses – discovering what it looks like, feels like, smells like, sounds like and describing it...not just tasting it. The all sensory approach allows kids to become more comfortable with newly introduced food – so that new food doesn’t seem as scary. It’s part of Dr. Rose’s Super Food Explorer System – which she is sharing at the ABC Kids Expo.

Author of It's Not About The Broccoli: Three Habits to Teach Your Kids for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating (Perigee), Dr. Rose believes it’s not just talking about nutrition that will get children to develop healthy relationships with food.

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Munchkin set to launch 32 new products in 2019

Munchkin, the award-winning global baby and toddler product company reveals that 2019 is set to be another bumper year for innovation with 32 new products being launched across its range.

As one of the largest baby lifestyle brands globally, innovation is at the core of Munchkin’s success with a steady stream of unique new products launching each year. From feeding to potty, Munchkin challenges industry standards in every facet of family life resulting in more than 400 products across 11 categories with over 200+ patents.

Steve Dunn, Munchkin CEO, commented: “Munchkin has been the world’s most trusted baby product company for over 25 years by driving innovation that is fuelled by love. We develop innovative, modern, and useful products for babies and children that make parents’ lives easier and more enjoyable. I am delighted to announce we have over 30 new additions which will be coming to homes across the world in 2019 - all of which have been created with practicality, style and sustainability in mind.”

The key innovations for 2019 include:

For mums looking for a healthy alternative to their kids drinking fruit juice, Munchkin introduces the Miracle® 360° Fruit Infusion Cup (14 oz).

  • Helps in the fight against single-use plastic bottles by offering a solution to bottled drinks or juice cartons 
  • Sleek, clear cup which can be used with or without fruit 
  • Fruit is always submerged and steeping in water 
  • Easy to clean parts with no nooks and crannies 
  • Also available in 20oz for adults

For fans of the Miracle 360 Cup who want to nurture our planet, Munchkin introduces Miracle® 360° Conservation Cups:

  • Toddler cup with dentist recommended spoutless design 
  • A 360°degree drinking edge solution that eliminates spills completely 
  • Cup automatically seals when drinking is complete 
  • Easy to clean with no extra valves or parts 
  • New inspiring designs featuring the African Elephant, Polar Bear, Red Fox and Orca. The cups come with inspirational information about the animals printed on recycled and recyclable card.

Munchkin is making a donation to International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) as well continuing with its pledge to raise $1 million pledge to the Whale Sanctuary Project, to assist both organisations with their conservation efforts

For a secure and slip free bath solution for babies, Munchkin introduces the Sit & Soak™ Dual Stage Tub:

  • A secure and comfortable baby bath with padded foam backrest 
  • Shape of tub provides optimal water level for bath to keep baby warm 
  • Modern, compact design with non-slip base 
  • Grows with baby from 0-12 months 
  • Carry handle that doubles as storage hook 
  • Innovative pull-tab drain plug

For parents looking for an alternative and modern diaper disposal solution, Munchkin introduces its new-to-market Toss™ Disposable Diaper Pail:

  • Innovative, first-in-class disposable diaper pail 
  • Freestanding bag holds up to 3 days’ worth of newborn diapers 
  • Resealable lid keeps odor contained 
  • Fill line easily signals when it’s time to toss! 
  • Great for use at home or for travel

Steve Dunn, Munchkin CEO comments: “In our efforts to reduce plastics in our packaging and products, we went to the extreme and eliminated the diaper pail completely. Our Toss™ Disposable Diaper Pail uses 80% less plastic film than the leading EU twisting diaper pail system – something we are incredibly proud of!”

For more information, visit

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