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Hippychick waterproof all in one suit sales triple in the Russian Federation

Over the past 12 months, Hippychick have seen a 300% increase in sales of their all in one waterproof suits overseas, particularly in Russia. Perfect for colder climates, Hippychick waterproofs provide the right protective clothing for outdoor play – tough and hardwearing yet practical and fun!

They have been designed to be completely windproof and breathable ensuring complete comfort and protection in all weathers. Having recently had a revamp, the outer skin is now made from the very highest quality Peach Skin Polyester and the inner lining from Polyester fleece. There is a real attention to detail with the Hippychick outdoor clothing range from their taped seams to their adjustable ankles, wrists and waist that allow room to grow. Smaller sizes have elastic stirrups too!

They don’t just look good, they are also incredibly practical and can be wiped clean or machine washed and are generously sized to fit over other clothing.

For more information on Hippychick waterproof all in ones, visit or email

Children, baby and maternity industry professionals will meet in Istanbul in January

Expand your network with more than 15,000 Industry Professionals in Istanbul! CBME Turkey is the best and unique B2B platform for the Eurasia, Middle East and North Africa baby and children products industry.

CBME Turkey will be held on 10-13 January 2018 in Istanbul. The exhibition is attracting an increasing number of high-profile exhibitors and visitors from all around the world.

With more than 750 brands and 15.000 trade visitors, making it the most international industry event in Eurasia, Middle East and North Africa, CBME Turkey 2018 edition is a unique opportunity for producers to connect with new customers and re-connect with existing contacts from the region, and to present your new products to the trade visitors from 90 countries.

Attending CBME Turkey is the perfect opportunity to keep up with the latest trends, developments and innovations, while learning from the industry's great minds. Plus it's the ideal platform to place orders and establish new business relationships.

Register here for free!

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Evolu.ONE80° wins the Innovation Award at Kind + Jugend 2017

The new Childwood Evolu.ONE80° won the world's most important Innovation Award in the category "Furniture" at the Kind + Jugend 2017 fair in Cologne, Germany!

The Kind + Jugend Innovation Awards for the best products of the year for babies and toddlers were presented for the fourteenth time at the start of Kind + Jugend 2017.

For the third time in five years the Belgian company Childhome based in Kontich-Antwerp won the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award for the best products of the year for babies and toddlers.

A particularly innovative idea, outstanding technology, high level of functionality or extraordinary design were again the most important criteria for the decisions of the international and independent specialist jury consisting of industry professionals, trade journalists and safety experts.

This year, companies from 30 countries put forward a total of 170 products for the coveted winner's seal in eight categories.

The new Evolu.ONE80° won this award because of its new swivel function. The swivel seat allows parents to place or feed the child in the seat in three different positions without moving or lifting the chair. Easily pull the trigger to click the child in the next position towards the table. 90° clockwise or 90°counterclockwise relative to the table.

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Baby K’tan in Europe

Baby K'tan is pleased to announce that it is now warehoused for European retailers with UK distributor 2012 Ltd.

The benefits include faster lead times giving three to five working days delivery to most European cities. Warehousing in the UK also reduces the cost of shipping. Baby K’tan also has small minimum orders. Why not try the Baby K'tan in your shop by ordering as little as 12 units?

Best of all, Baby K’tan has great customer service. We love our customers and offer ongoing support and training.

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is an ideal blend of a sling, wrap and carrier individually sized to fit the parent. With its patented double-loop design, it provides the positions and benefits of all three. It offers multiple wearing positions from newborn to toddler (birth-35lbs) and is machine washable and tumble-dryer safe. It has been recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a “hip healthy product” when used as directed in the instructions.

For more information, contact

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Easy as ABC?

Visiting the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas this year, I was struck by two main thoughts: first, just how much the participation at the show had declined; and second, how little real innovation there seemed to be on show.

Expecting that the best place to see the innovation on offer at the show would be in the New Products Showcase and the Invention Connection area, I made these my first ports of call on arrival at the show. It’s fair to say I was somewhat underwhelmed. Newness often seemed to be limited to a new colourway or a variation on a theme, often taking someone else’s good idea and making a minor change without adding value, rather than anything ground-breaking. There were some genuinely new items but of those several seemed to be solving a problem that didn’t really exist or presented a ‘solution’ more complicated than the problem it was supposed to overcome. New products showing real innovation were few and far between, but there were a few and visitors to the show that found these gems could be onto something great.

If memory serves me correctly, back in 2015 there were 1100 exhibitors at the ABC show and the two halls seemed full to capacity with narrow aisles and booths crammed together. The show had a real buzz and was well attended by majors and independents and international visitors. Although not ideally located there was a British Pavilion with a good showing of about a dozen bold British brands trying to make their way into the potentially huge US market. In 2017, however, the show had only 650 exhibitors and the halls had been reduced in size, aisles greatly widened, more seating areas and even large extra display areas so that exhibitors had one or even two additional mini displays in addition to their main booth, and no British Pavilion at all. Footfall was clearly down on previous years and a number of exhibitors were concerned about the health of the show and value it offered for their investment. There were also reports, however, that even if the quantity of visitors was down, at least the quality seemed good.

Undoubtedly the ABC show will be suffering from the re-emergence of the JPMA show which made its debut reappearance in May this year in Anaheim. The next JPMA show is scheduled for 20-24th March in Washington DC. A smaller show than ABC, the JPMA show is still seen as potentially important and with fewer exhibitors to visit buyers can spend more time to take in everything on show and discuss opportunities in more detail. The ABC show may also be suffering as a result of the strength of Kind + Jugend, which is undoubtedly the best and most important nursery products show in the world.

Can the US sustain two trade shows with sufficient appeal and support? Will ABC decline further or will the JPMA show struggle to make an impact? Only time will tell, but in the short term it makes a difficult choice for smaller brands wanting to exhibit at a US trade show and know their investment will be worthwhile.

All trade shows seem to have suffered over recent years. Are traditional trade shows suffering a similar fate to brick & mortar retail stores when faced with competition from online channels and the move to digital marketing and social media? Or perhaps viewed another way, they are like vinyl records being surpassed by CDs and then digital downloads and streaming. This second analogy at least offers some hope for trade shows given the resurgence of vinyl sales recently. With physical products there is much to be said for seeing, feeling and experiencing them first hand (even if ultimately most sales will come from online channels) and where better than a trade show for buyers to find new products and understand them and where better for brand owners to present their products in the best way possible and be able to fully explain their features and benefits.

As with any brand or product, trade shows must show innovation and be prepared to adjust their offer to ensure their target customers’ requirements are properly served – location, audience, accessibility, cost/value for money – but if they do this well I am sure they can not only survive but prosper and be a central platform for the industry.

Neil Dodds

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Hot off the press, these are some of the products shown at ABC in Las Vegas this month…

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New from Innobaby

Innobaby are pleased to announce that their new Din Din SMART Silicone Suction Divided Plate was launched at ABC this month.

It suctions directly to the table or high chair to keep the plate in place and avoid the mess that results when the plate is tipped.

It is made with 100% food grade silicone so it is durable and is safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave and oven. It has five divided compartments to keep food separated – perfect for introducing five different food groups, eating the rainbow and more.

Shaped as an adorable chicken, the Din Din SMART Silicone Suction Divided Plate comes in vibrant colours

Make mealtime fun!

For more information about stocking the Innobaby range, see or email

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Don't forget the baby with the Baby Safety Snap lanyard

The Baby Safety Snap lanyard helps drivers remember that they have a “BABY IN CAR”. Attached to the highly visible lanyard is a baby seat metal tab that fits all baby seat buckles.

It snaps into the baby seat buckle when the seat is not occupied. When the baby is placed in the seat, the driver will remove the tab from the buckle and place the lanyard around their neck. The baby is then buckled into the seat.

The driver wears the lanyard until they reach their destination. The driver then removes the lanyard, unbuckles the baby, and snaps the lanyard tab back into the buckle for the next driver. The baby is safe and leaves the vehicle with the driver.

If the baby is forgotten, the visible Baby Safety Snap lanyard worn by the driver will remind the driver, family members, coworkers and even strangers on the street that there is a “BABY IN CAR”.

Suggested retail price is $14.99. It can also be customized to include your logo and is an ideal way for a retailer, health care enterprise, insurance company, baby care service or any other business to show the community that they care about the safety of their children.

The Baby Safety Snap can also be used as a promotional item and given to customers that purchase baby safety seats and/or related products and services or to expecting mother attending birthing classes. A 90 second video can be viewed here.

The new Baby Safety Snap has a chrome metal tab and heavy weight card for hanging. The Baby Safety Snap is patent pending, and the name Baby Safety Snap is a trademark of Loon Ventures LLC. The webbing graphics are silk screened. The breakaway is contoured for comfort and added safety.

For more information, email

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The Noni Crib, the first ever hardware-free, sustainable crib requiring no tools for assembly

Noninonikids’ mission is to provide safe and sustainable crib and furniture products that fit the modern aesthetic, are easy to assemble, and crafted with the highest standards.

The signature product, the Noni Crib and the Noni Mini are different from any other crib on the market, as they are hardware-free and do not require tools for assembly and disassembly.

The eco-friendly cribs are made in the USA with non-toxic finishes in exclusive colours, and meet all safety standards to ensure that precious contents are safe and sound while they sleep.

Noninoni Kids was founded by Carina Bien-Willner Reichman, a mom and award-winning architect based in Los Angeles, CA, and her father, Ruben Bien-Willner, an architect and custom furniture-maker based in Tucson, AZ.

The story? A conscientious mother, and a savvy grandfather of 6, saw the need for a crib that serves all of the purposes that a baby’s sleep demands, without all the hassle of putting together a traditional crib.

“Sleep is so important, and often times difficult with a new baby,” says co-founder Carina Bien-Willner Reichman. “When we had our son, it was so frustrating putting together a traditional crib and then traveling was another issue because our son had such a hard time sleeping in a different crib. The crib I was looking for surprisingly didn’t exist.

“I wanted a crib we could use every night, that was a no-brainer to put together, and could easily be disassembled so we could take it with us when traveling,” says Ruben Bien-Willner. “We came up with a modern, minimalistic and sophisticated design that is as easy to set-up as it is to store.

“I wanted to make a crib that grandparents/caretakers could put together when needed. I also wanted to have the same crib as the one my grandchild sleeps in at home, providing continuity of sleep when they come to visit me!”

To learn more about Noninoni Kids, please visit the company website at

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You can bet your “Little Tush” on it

The Tush-A-Roo™ has spent over five years in research, development and testing, assuring not only an innovative, compact and lightweight design but also setting a high standard for durability and safety.

The Tush-A-Roo™, Model 6M32 is the first of what Amanda, her husband Shaun and their family hope will be a long line of products focusing on making parents lives simpler. Engineered for safety and on-the-go lifestyles, the Tush-A-Roo™ high tech design weighs in at less than 2 lbs. and uniquely folds into a compact size of less than 6x12 inches, storing away in a stylish drawstring travel bag.

“The first comment we always get from parents is: Wow, what is it?” says Romero. “Although, we love that because we want everyone to understand and experience the many applications and uses of the Tush-A-Roo™ and how it can make their everyday parenting a little simpler. It’s not a car seat andshould never replace your child’s present safety restraints. It’s great for those little tushy situations all parents find themselves in with their kids, such as shopping carts, event bleachers, highchairs and more.”

The Tush-A-Roo™ Model 6M32 has been safety tested and approved to the highest of standards for use with children ranging from 6 months to 32 pounds. The seat is built in the U.S.A. utilizing award winning manufacturing and technology of durable hi-tech thermo plastic that is of course, it is recyclable.

The seat is totally assembled and ready for use. It is fully adjustable and comes complete with sturdy anchor straps and a three-point harness for added safety.

Another focal point for the East Babies, LLC product line is the offering of over a dozen designer neoprene seat covers that are all machine washable and made to “Tote your little Tush in style™”.

For more information, please visit
Or contact Dale Ziegler on +1 855 618-6873

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The Milkies story

In 2007, the idea of the Milkies Milk-Saver was conceived by Helen Anderson after the birth of her second son, Henry. The Milk-Saver allows moms to easily collect and save breast milk that leaks during the breastfeeding session.

Working as a nurse in a busy emergency room, Helen seldom had time to pump, but still needed to store enough breast milk for her 12-hour shift. While she nursed her son, she noticed that tons of milk leaked and soaked her pads and her baby. She realized there was nothing she could use to collect her leaking milk, so Helen created the Milk-Saver, and the Milkies brand was born.

In 2012, she launched the Milkies Freeze. The Freeze solves another common problem for breastfeeding families: organizing frozen milk and protecting bags from the dangers of the family freezer. The Milk-Saver and the Freeze quickly caught the attention of moms, lactation professionals and retailers.

At the end of 2013, Milkies joined forces with Fairhaven Health, a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative and natural products for fertility, pregnancy and nursing. In 2014, Fairhaven Health added Milk Trays to their growing line of breastfeeding products.

Tobi Porter, firefighter, paramedic, mom, and Milk Trays inventor, struggled to save enough breast milk after returning to work. Soon, pumping and storing her milk was the only way to ensure her daughter received the breast milk she needed. Oftentimes breast milk storage bags are wasteful, especially when thawing more milk than you need for a feeding. So, she created the Milk Trays, which are designed to freeze and store one ounce servings of breast milk. These one ounce “Milk Sticks” fit into any bottle size, so families can customize each and every feeding.

The Milkies line now features a range of breastfeeding essentials for moms, by moms, including Nursing Blend, Nursing Postnatal, Nipple Nurture Balm, Nursing Time Tea, Softies Contoured Nursing Pads, Breast Milk Storage Bags, and more.

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KidCo® DreamPod® portable bassinet for the on-the-go baby

The KidCo® DreamPod® makes traveling with baby easier and more enjoyable. This lightweight (9lb), aluminum frame portable bassinet provides a cozy and secure sleep environment for newborns; at home or on the go.

When it’s time to go, DreamPod® packs easily into the included nylon carry bag. It has a water repellent mattress, with a machine-washable sheet included. MSRP:US$149.99/CA$189.99

KidCo® was formed in 1992 to specialize in the marketing, distribution and manufacturing of upscale consumer goods. Today the company specializes in children’s gates, home safety products, travel gear and bed rails sold through infant mass merchants, independent specialty stores, professional baby proofers and internet sites within the juvenile and pet industries primarily in the United States and Canada.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Emily De Sousa, National Sales Manager at 847-996-6437 or email at

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It’s great to be a kid with Finn + Emma in your life

Finn + Emma has done it again with two new collections of mix-and-match clothing that allow moms to create many looks out of just a few styles. You’ll find contemporary, whimsical and sophisticated designs with an abundance of fresh prints.

Add in the coordinating accessories and toys and life just got a whole lot sweeter!

Finn + Emma products are made with heirloom quality construction from buttery soft organic cotton and non-toxic eco-friendly dyes, they are G.O.T.S certified and fair trade. All toys are hand-knit or made from untreated hardwood. Finn + Emma designs are made in fair trade settings that focus on social and economic independence for local people, especially women, working to provide for their families in a safe and fair environment.

The new Fawn Collection is perfectly timed for autumn and the holiday season. The fawn print features pops of rich red on a soft, creamy base. The hoof print is the perfect neutral basic—a sweet twist on a polka dot pattern. The toys are tranquil classic woodland creatures, such as a wise owl and gentle fawn. Baby’s new best friends! The Origami Collection evokes memories of autumn afternoons spent wrapped up in a favorite soft sweatshirt. The print features paper toy classics, a plane and a crane, given a whimsical update on a cozy heather gray base. The toys—a highflying husky and daredevil skunk—were inspired by vintage aviation pioneers. They’ll be the spark that lets baby’s imagination soar into the clouds.

Download the Finn + Emma catalogue here.

or check out Finn + Emma at

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...and more next month!

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